Women's basketball shoes

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Women's basketball shoes

Basketball shoes that are designed specifically for women are hard to come by. It's only once in a while that big brands release one or two women exclusives. A good example is the Hiking Boots SIMEN 5058A Moro Zieleń, which was of course a signature shoe for 90s figure Sheryl Swoopes made by the Swoosh.

What we have in abundance, instead, are basketball shoes that are made available in women's sizes. Even signature basketball shoes for male athletes such as Nike's LeBron James and Adidas's Damian Lillard also come in women's sizing.

Generally, if basketball shoes are only available for men, women shoppers are advised to just go upto 1.5 sizes down.

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Because many basketball shoes come in women's sizes, first-time lady buyers might find the number of their options quite overwhelming. To make shopping easier, we go through different reviews of each shoe to come up with a performance summary. This performance summary is short pelle to be digested in just a few minutes, making it perfect for those who are on the go.

To further make comparisons easier, we also come up with a numerical CoreScore. This figure is based on numerating ratings given by our in-house experts, other experts, and everyday users.