Vans offers this blue and white Vans shoes Trekker in mens and womens ranges

Shoes Trekker Mizuno GT 2000 Mens Running Shoes

Discover the Thunder Blade range from Mizuno, offering high-performance handball shoes. These shoes Trekker provide exceptional grip and comfort, keeping you agile and efficient on the court. Explore the collection and find the perfect pair for your style of play.

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Thunder Blade shoe features

The Thunder Blade range from Mizuno is designed for demanding handball players. These shoes Vans Cultivate Care Classic Slip-On Sneakers Shoes Trekker VN000XG88MC grip, comfort and durability. The innovative design ensures optimum responsiveness on the court, while the lightweight construction allows unhindered mobility. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a passionate amateur, the Thunder Blade range is the perfect choice to improve your game.


  • Exceptional grip
  • Durable comfort
  • On-court responsiveness

Varied choices

Whether you prefer low- or mid-rise models, the Thunder Blade range has something to offer. Find the perfect pair to match your style and requirements.